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"We provide a culture where real estate agents collaborate, learn, then execute."


We have a heavy emphasis on “execute…" We want you to be inspired to make things happen after the collaboration and learning takes place.  As Bruce Lee says, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”


We aspire to empower action-based agents to reach their full potential by providing an atmosphere that

fosters success while living a balanced life.

Our goal is to live these values on a daily basis with everyone from our staff, to our agents, even our vendors, and of course our families. We are 100% positive these values provide the basis for the thriving life we all crave. We hope you will help us align with these values, and hold us accountable when we fall short. THIS is how we CONNECT with our best self… and we hope you’re here for it all!

The Connect Staff


Client Focused

Ownership in Outcomes

Nurture Relationships

Never Stop Learning

Execute the Plan

Contribute to Community

Take Time

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