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Shannon Edwards | Principal Broker

Nowhere is Shannon’s energetic approach more valuable than in her career as a Principal Broker. Being licensed since 2004, she has the experience and wisdom needed to lead agents in important career decisions in any market; up, down, or balanced.

“My goal is to help agents and clients alike, “connect” not only with their business/professional life but also with their best self and community around them," says Shannon. 

As a graduate of Christopher Newport University with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology and Leadership, she was sure about 2 things in her life; “I had to work with people and I had to do something that I could make an impact." She sort of fell into Real Estate because a friend of hers owned a brokerage.


It seemed like a great job to do until, "I figured out what I want to do with my life," she said. Starting out dabbling in commercial, she quickly realized it was NOT the route for her, she moved into the residential world. She was instantly fulfilled... Not only did she love the fast pace and energy of being a REALTOR®, but she also was able to spend 90% of her day with people AND be in a position that she could significantly better those people's lives. “I was SOLD," she explains, "and that was over a decade ago!”


Now she enjoys spending her time teaching agents how to sharpen their skills in negotiating, contract knowledge and writing, and understanding how to better service their clients.  “My agents look to me for guidance with their problems.  They look to me not only to help them solve problems but to teach them how to solve them on their own. Knowing that I’ve been where they are, in the trenches, dealing with the same issues they have, creates a level of trust that some Brokers/Mentors cannot provide.”  Shannon explains.


Shannon’s focus at RE/MAX Connect is on making sure her agents are ready to represent their clients to the fullest extent, in the most professional, proficient manner possible.

Contact Shannon:

C: (757) 876-9621


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