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Welcome to RE/MAX Connect! 

Below, you can find all the steps in your onboarding process.  

We hope this gives you a good overview of what you will experience in the coming weeks. Our goal is to make this a smooth transition for you and we'll be with you every step of the way. Do not hesitate to ask questions!

Prior to Onboarding Day

The following items are all things that will be completed before your "onboarding" day!

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Interview with Broker Owners

The first step in your RE/MAX Connect journey is of course, meeting with our owners, Shannon, Christen, and Carlyn!

New Agent Questionnaire

We want to get to know you and what you love!

Click HERE to fill out our "New Agent" Questionnaire!


Next, you will have some forms to fill out for DPOR, REIN, and VPAR with Karen Roberts.

Headshot with Zoey (optional)

If you would like an updated headshot, be sure to schedule one with Zoey Daknis, Marketing Coordinator, as soon as possible!

Zoey's Email:

Announcement Reel

Let's get creative! We love to post a reel with each of our new agents. We will schedule the reel with you, Christen, Carlyn, and Shannon!

Choose Marketing Materials

One of the benefits of choosing us - you get three new signs on us, as well as your first 500 business cards. 

Please click HERE to view our page of design choices.


Once you make your choices, email Zoey and she will get your materials ordered!

First Day & Beyond

This is what happens on your onboarding day and beyond!

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MAX/Center + MAXtech

Once you are populated into the agent roster, you will receive a welcome email that allows you to setup your own login for MAX/Center and MAXtech.


MAXtech is where your agent website and CRM will be housed.

Contact Karen if you have any trouble logging in or do not receive the email.

Onboarding Meetings

You will spend some time meeting with our staff to get you educated on all of the things involved in being a RE/MAX Connect Agent and set up your online profiles.

Karen will give you a tour of the office, connect you to our wi-fi, and educate you on office procedures. You will also be added to our RE/MAX Connect group chat and to our office sales number system (Grasshopper). She will also give you an overview on financial management.

Zoey, our Marketing Coordinator, will show you RE/MAX guidelines and the marketing materials that are now available to you.

Shannon, Principal Broker, will give you a Transaction Desk overview.


To add your CRM to MAXtech, you will need to watch the instructional video provided by KVCore :

1. Log into your MAXtech and click "playbooks" in the top left of the screen.

2. Click the "Open Playbook" button under "Gather Your Sphere"

3. Press the "Open the Playbook" button to the right.

4. Watch the provided videos. 

RE/MAX University Overview

RE/MAX University is an app on MAX/Center where you can go to watch all sorts of trainings involving RE/MAX. 

If you want to access RU, login to MAX/Center, search "Learning & Education" and click on the app!

HERE is a brief video on RE/MAX University.

CMN Overview

With every transaction, you can give back to your local CMN hospital. HERE is a short video on CMN's partnership with RE/MAX. 

The app is also on your MAX/Center, titled "RE/MAX Miracle System."

When you are ready to set this up, our staff can assist you with any questions you may have. 

RE/MAX Referral Platform

Learn how RE/MAX sends and receives referrals. Click HERE to watch the video (link to be added soon).

RE/MAX Events

R4 is an annual worldwide convention hosted by RE/MAX in Las Vegas. This is a huge networking and educational opportunity.

Click HERE for a video preview of what R4 is like!

There is also a yearly Luxury Forum for Luxury RE/MAX agents! HERE is an article with more information. 

Another annual event - the RE/MAX Commercial Symposium! HERE is an article with more details! 

Also, the RE/MAX Teams Event in Las Vegas is a two-day event that features educational sessions taught by industry-leading business coaches, expert panels, roundtable discussions, and more. There has not been a date set yet for the next Teams event.

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